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Interior Units: SOLD
Corner Units: SOLD

Location Status Option
13214 Bee Street SOLD Corner Lot
13216 Bee Street SOLD
13218 Bee Street SOLD
13220 Bee Street SOLD
13222 Bee Street SOLD
13224 Bee Street SOLD
13226 Bee Street SOLD
13228 Bee Street SOLD Corner Lot


Interior Units: SOLD
Corner Units: SOLD

Location Status Option
2506 Vintage Street SOLD Corner Lot
2508 Vintage Street SOLD
2510 Vintage Street SOLD
2512 Vintage Street SOLD
2514 Vintage Street SOLD
2516 Vintage Street SOLD
2518 Vintage Street SOLD
2520 Vintage Street SOLD
2522 Vintage Street SOLD  Corner Lot


Interior Units: $335,950
Corner Units: SOLD

Location Status Option
2505 VP Circle SOLD  Corner Lot
2507 VP Circle SOLD
2509 VP Circle SOLD
2511 VP Circle SOLD
2513 VP Circle SOLD
2515 VP Circle SOLD
2517 VP Circle SOLD
2519 VP Circle SOLD
2521 VP Circle SOLD  Corner Lot
13214 VP Circle SOLD  Corner Lot
13212 VP Circle SOLD
13210 VP Circle SOLD
13208 VP Circle SOLD  Corner Lot


Interior Units: $335,950
Corner Units: SOLD

Location Status Option
13209 Goodland SOLD Corner Lot
13211 Goodland AVAILABLE
13213 Goodland SOLD
13215 Goodland SOLD
13217 Goodland SOLD
13219 Goodland SOLD
13221 Goodland SOLD
13223 Goodland AVAILABLE
13225 Goodland SOLD
13227 Goodland SOLD
13229 Goodland SOLD  Corner Lot

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